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MP3 Metronome Tracks for Computers, iPhone, and Tablets

The mp3 metronome tracks have now been replaced by YouTube videos that can be played on all devices, including computers, phones, and tablets. There are now several improvements over the old mp3 file with many metronomes available: standard metronomes, talking metronomes, and subdividing metronomes. They include a wide range of tempos and have been recorded at a loud volume, so you can hear the sound clearly.

You can access all of these metronomes for free at my new site,


These YouTube clips are a transition from the old Flash-based MetronomeBots. See my blog for information on the future of Flash and MetronomeBot. As always, have fun!


More MetronomeBots:

Basic metronome
MP3 track metronome
Sleigh bell metronome
Talking metronome in two
Talking metronome in three
Talking metronome in four
Duple subdivision metronome
Triple subdivision metronome
Quadruple subdivision metronome
Meter metronome in two
Meter metronome in three
Meter metronome in four

Improve Your Rhythm

The Fundamentals of Rhythm, book by Kyle Coughlin

Visit for an educational site that explains all of the fundamental aspects of rhythm. The site also includes more than 450 practice patterns with audio examples, designed to help you improve your rhythm skills.


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